Joel Madison Blount

Blount merges the influence of Southern literary authors with a musical response to the rhythm and melody of life to write songs about the human experience, meant to offer hope and inspire the listener to sing out loud.


The songs appearing on Our New Moon were written in response to the birth of Blount's first child and represent a new beginning for his growing family. “A new moon marks the start of the first phase of Earth’s moon during the course of the lunar cycle,” says Blount, “and it also alludes to the mystery surrounding what we will encounter on our journey ahead, as neither are visible from our perspective.”

Our New Moon represents a new phase of life for Blount, his artistic career, and his family. Themes on the album wind their way through a time of sorrow and brokenness, but ultimately lead the listener to witness redemption and an outpouring of grace. “This is a record in favor of the quiet life,” Blount says about his forthcoming album, “best savored while winding down in the peace and calm of the evening.”